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Assembly Instructions


Warranty Information

Aquaness offers a 2 years warranty against all manufacturing defects, subject to the maintenance tips.
6 months warranty on the wear parts (strap, handles, saddle, …)
Made in France : factory in Alsace 67 Bas-Rhin

WARNING - The warranty will not apply if an unbalanced pH is the cause of possible alterations of the paint, aluminum frame or stainless steel bolts.

Maintenance Tips

Care instructions to keep your device in top condition

  • As soon as the bike is out of the pool: rinse your AquaNess with fresh water, including under the seat, and wipe it off preferably.
  • Manual dosing of chemicals or shock treatments should not be performed near the AquaNess to avoid high concentrations or splashing. Move the bike away during these treatments.
  • Be careful not to drop your AquaNess, avoid any shock. Impacts on the paint or deformation of the frame due to impact do not give right to the application of the guarantee.
  • When not in use, store your AquaNess in a dry, ventilated room
  • Failure to follow the maintenance instructions above voids the warranty.

IMPORTANT - before each immersion: check the pH of the water!

The pH, or hydrogen potential, represents the concentration of water in hydrogen ions. The pH level is between 0 and 14; the pool water must be neutral or slightly basic.

The ideal rate allowed is a PH of 7.4.

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