Aquaness Aquabikes


 "[Aquabiking] had rave reviews as one of the best ways to burn calories, tackle cellulite and enhance flexibility. Plus, it's great for general health and wellbeing, with low impact on joints and muscles." Source: SimplyHealth

Combining the benefits of the exercise bike with those of water aerobics, aquabiking (or aquacycling) is an excellent sport to keep you fit, sculpt your legs and refine your figure.

Gentle for the joints, aquabiking, uses the resistant of the water, combines the cardio-vascular virtues of the pedaling with those of the constant massage of the water which favors the venous return and the lymphatic drainage. It effectively fights against heavy leg sensation, water retention and cellulite.

AquaNess aquabiking is a fitness technique accessible to everyone. It is suitable for experienced athletes as well as for people who want to resume physical activity, overweight or convalescent people, pregnant women and seniors.

Maximum results for a minimum of effort

This sport allows to develop the endurance and cardiovascular capacities. A session of 30 minutes makes it possible to work the muscles of the legs (thighs, calves, buttocks) but also the abs and the back. Biking in the water on an AquaNess Aquabike is pleasant, and much more forgiving than on an indoor bike or outdoors.

The resistance setting allows everyone to manage their effort according to their physical condition or the objectives to be attained: regain their shape, lose weight, tone up, rehab, or just feel good, relaxed and in a good mood!


Wellness: Aquabiking, due to its environment and style of activity provides calm, fighting stress - A very good way to restore psychological and physical balance.
Physical Shape: Aqabiking maintains and develops leg muscles, lap belt, and glutes. Biking in water is more efficient to burn fat and easier to develop muscles. Also a softer, low impact activity for articulation like knees and ankles.
Health: Cardiovascular/Heart issues, Stabilise glycaemia and improving metabolism (diabetes), Increase lung capacity, helps the Venous and lymphatic system ("heavy legs", fluid retention)
Beauty: Helps eliminate the roundness of the thighs and hips, Sharpens the legs, helps eliminate cellulite and "orange skin effect"