Aquabiking is a fitness sport accessible to all.
AquaNess pool bikes are designed for experienced athletes,
individuals wishing to resume physical activity,
weight loss or rehabilitation.

Maximum Results For A Minimum Effort.

Aquaness Bikes For the Pool or Swim Spa
(Private or Public Pool, Medical Rehabilitation).

Aquabiking: A sport for everyone with many virtues combining the benefits of the bike for water aerobics. Aquabiking or Aquacycling is a great sport in order to keep fit, sculpt your legs, improve your figure and fight against cellulite.

Gentle on the joints, Aquabiking uses the resistance of water, combines cardiovascular virtues to those pedaling with a constant water massage which promotes the venous and lymphatic drainage, which effectively fights against the feeling of heavy legs, water and retention and cellulite.

Aquaness Bikes are suitable for professional athletes, physical training, injury recovery and rehabilitation and general fitness for all ages.

5 models and just as many features.

The Benefits of Aquabiking:

Aquabike for improved wellness


Aquabiking, due to its environment and style of activity is providing calm, fighting stress.

A very good way to restore psychological and physical balance.

Aqabike for improved physical shape

Physical Shape

Aquabiking is maintaining and developing leg muscles, lap belt and glutes.

Biking in water is more efficient to burn fat and easier to develop muscles. Also softer for articulation like knees and ankles, also spin.

Aquabike for improved health


• Cardiovascular/Heart issues

• Stabilise glycaemia and improving metabolism (diabetes)

• Increase lung capacity

• Venous and lymphatic system ("heavy legs", fluid retention)

Aquabike for improved beauty


• To eliminate the roundness of the thighs and hips

• Sharpens the legs

• To eliminate cellulite and “orange skin effect”

Are you ready to enjoy the health and wellness benefits of Aquabiking?

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